Transmission electron micrograph of cuticle cells in a human hair.

Research areas of society members

The following topics are previous or current research interests of members of the Australasian Hair and Wool Research Society. For further information, a specialist researcher can be contacted through the Society

The treatment of female pattern hair loss with oral antiandrogens

Hair and Skin photochemistry

Isolation, culture, and reimplantion of hair follicle dermal papilla cells as a model for cell based therapies.

Changing hair morphology: New reagents for hair straightening, and improving hair feel and lustre

Intervention to reduce the incidence and severity of eczema

Bioprospecting keratinous materials:

Isolation of bioactive peptides for preventative health.

Keratin intermediate filaments in tissue repair.

Developing new techniques for improving hair transplants.

Hair and wool structural biology


Proteomics and protein chemistry

Hair chemorheology, appearance, and damage

Biobased Materials

Hair and Skin Product Formulation

Skin testing analysis and nail assessment experiments

Hair follicle gene expression studies and bioinformatics

Keratin composition of hair and wool fibres

Topobiology of wool and hair growth

Hair and wool endocrinology

Wool follicle physiology and metabolism

Bioharvesting of wool

Hair/wool follicle development and hair cycles

In vivo and ex vivo models

Comparative hair biology

Hair and wool gene expression

Wool molecular biology

Follicle stem cells

Dermal cell transdifferentiation

Hair transplant surgery

The molecular basis of hair follicle immune privilege

The genetic basis of female pattern hair loss.