Section of a human hair follicle bulb


The society has four classes of membership:

1. Full members - specialist medical practitioners working in the field of treatment of diseases of the hair and scalp or scientists undertaking research into fields related to hair or wool. The annual subscription fee for full membership is AU$60.

2. Associate - other persons with an interest in diseases of hair and the scalp and research into hair and wool. Associate members are not eligible to vote.

3. Honorary members - those companies, organisations and professions who, at the discretion of the Management Committee, are deemed eligible.

4. Student members - currently enrolled graduate students undertaking full time study at recognised tertiary institutions. Student membership is free.

Charitable donations may be made to the Scientific Research Fund of the Australasian Hair and Wool Research Society. These monies will be used to award research grants to specific projects conducted in the field of hair and wool research. All donations will be receipted.

Applications for grants are made to the Executive Committee of the Society and awarded after consideration of their merit by the Executive.

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